Ehsan Imani

Short Bio:

Playing with a small keyboard at the age of 10, Ehsan has found his passion into the music. At the age of 14, with using some musical software such as Cakewalk and Modplug Tracker and Propellerhead Rebirth, without much clue about how to use them, one by one he started to know more and more about the art of musical software. He started playing guitar at the age of 16 and took his first academic courses. In the coming years, he also took piano, vocal, contemporary music theory and harmony courses and expanded his songwriting knowledge by enrolling at The Berklee College of Music online, as well as learning advanced guitar techniques from Paul Wardingham. Ehsan had various collaborations with several musicians all around the world and at the January 2014 released his first official self-titled album “Rager Blaze”.

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I always looked for a set of pickups that sound modern, while having the characteristics of vintage pickups, and the soulful sound of this set of pickups really amazed me. The bridge pickup sounds tight and full, and the chords sound very clean even with a distorted sound. The neck pickup sounds warm and dynamic, which gives me extreme control over my tone while soloing. They are a perfect, balanced and flexible set of pickups for every guitar player. No matter of what style you play, if you are a metal shredder or modern rock player, if you play blues or you love clean jazz tones, you should definitely have a set of these pickups!