Rodrigo Barros

Short Bio:

Rodrigo Barros is a multi-instrumentist borned in Americana, state of Sao Paulo, in 1980. He Plays Bass guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Nylon Classical Guitar, Mandolim, Brazilian Viola, Drums, Piano, Percussion, and sing too. Started singing at age 3 and studyin piano at age 8.

Rodrigo started to like good music with The Beatles and The Beach Boys since he had 12 years old, when he decided to start to play acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

He joined many bands of different styles like Blues, Rock, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Brazilian Popular Music, Soul and many others.

Rodrigo Studied with many teachers from Americana, Santa Bárbara Doeste and Limeira in the state of Sao Paulo, but the most part of his knowledge came from auto-didactic activities.

Started study bass with 13 years old, Drums with 15 years old and guitar with 17 years old. And after a long time only playing with many bands decided to became a teacher.

Rodrigo is graduated in Music Education by UNIMEP (Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba), and actually works as a professor of Music Theory and Music Perception at the Escola Municipal de Música Heitor Villa Lobos in Americana – SP.

As a composer has a long list of works made from 1995 to today.

1995 – Trianox (demo tape) – as bassist

1997 – Abnegate (Mercyful Fate Cover) – as singer and keybords

2000 – Marimbondo – autoral music – as singer and lead guitar

2005 – Whiskey sem Gelo (demo) – as Bassist and singer

2006 – IRIS ROCK BRASIL – as producer, drummer, bassist and backing vocals

2007 – RODRIGO BARROS – as producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard and vocals

2009 – RODRIGO BARROS (2ºALBUM) – TRANSFORMADO – as producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard and vocals

2012 – VERDE VALE – autoral music – as drummer

2013 – RODRIGO BARROS – (SINGLE) – as producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard and vocals

2014 – Whiskey sem Gelo – (SINGLE) together forever – as bassist and vocals.

Rodrigo lives his life for music, with too much happiness he can explain in words. It`s a question of choice to live happy with music, working a lot, but more than to have money, have freedom to express his heart, feelings and thoughts to all through his music.


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More information from different projects.

1) Whiskey sem Gelo power Trio – bass vocals

2) Relíquia – guitar and vocals

3) Musiclopedia – acoustic guitar, semi acoustic guitar, mandolim, brazilian viola capira and vocals

4) IRIS ROCK BRASIL – drums and vocals

5) Mother Jockers – bass and vocals