Andy Ferreira

Short Bio:

Born in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andy Ferreira started studying keyboard at the age of 8 but it wasn’t until the age of 10 that he picked up the guitar without ever looking back at his former instrument. Early influences include rock bands from the 80’s like Guns ’N Roses, Iron Maiden and Whitesnake but, being a 90’s kid, pop music never left his palette of musical choices, adding a very strong melodic orientation to his heavy rock playing.

Always very passionate about education and learning, Andy began teaching guitar at the age of 15 during the intervals between classes in High School to a few of his friends who also played electric and acoustic. Driven by frustration in his career, he quit the Biology course at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in early 2010 to chase his dream of making a living out of music.

Around the same time, started studying Musical Production in another College in order to widen his knowledge about music technology and the whole recording process, having graduated in late 2013. During that time, Andy became a full time musician an guitar instructor, giving private lessons and teaching in music schools all over Rio de Janeiro.

On of the main things that led Andy to music production was his tone chasing and insatiable need for the perfect sound. Since an early age, his audiophile characteristic was strong and very noticeable, later on turning him into a technology aficcionado and complete gear freak. Never he dismisses connectivity and integration between his different pieces of equipment, taking his gear to a new level of performance.

As a musician, Andy’s played in a ton of different bands from various music styles. Crash Report plays the best of 2000’s Rock ’n Roll while performing original material; Furdunzo adds a Samba School percussion section to a very varied setlist; Bump Ahead pays tribute to one of his favorite bands, the supergroup Mr Big; Avante floods the audience with original Pop-Rock; and his latest project montu mixes rock and electronic dance music.

If you want to follow Andy, feel free to like his Facebook Page with over 54 thousand likes (, subscribe to his YouTube Channel (, follow him on Twitter (@AndyFMusic) or follow him on Instagram (@andyferreirapics). All of his material is shared in Portuguese and English.

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