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I needed to upgrade one of my Fender Stratocasters. I wanted two humbuckers. I was looking for a pickup that was passive and would clean up nice when I back off the volume. I wanted it to behave like a single coil but without the hum and noise and a bit hotter.

I contacted the people at Tesla and told them what I was looking for. They told me that they had a prototype pickup without a name that they wanted me to try. I was intrigued!

When I got the pickups, I was very pleased with the vintage look! They fitted my Stratocaster perfect. After installing the pickup’s I soon realized that I had found my favorite bridge pickup!!

The bridge pickup has got a real tough bite but with a very sweet tone. It really cuts thru! When I roll off the volume it cleans up and becomes subtle and very dynamic. The neck pickup is very warm and smooth. The harmonics is still there and makes the pickup sing!

The Opus-4 is my absolute favorite pickups. I’m very proud to have been part of the prototype testing of the Opus-4 pickups. I can’t get enough of them!


My Tesla story

I had never tried a Tesla pickup before. I found a set of used Tesla VR-Extreme custom made in zebra color on a Swedish site like ebay. I was immediately very interested. I loved the name and look of the pickups. I google’d the pickups and found the Tesla website. I read the specifications and decided to buy the pickups. When I got the pickups I installed them on a Black Ibanez RG. They looked awesome! I have always been looking for a neck pickup that doesn’t sound muddy. I want a clear articulate tone from a neck pickup. The VR-Extreme where spot on! I just loved them from the start. The bridge pickup is razor sharp and the neck pickup warm and clear.

I wanted to tell the people at Tesla Pickups what great pickups they made so I emailed them. They answered me and everything after that is history. I’m now a proud Tesla endorser.

I use the Tesla VR-Extreme for my rock and metal leads. They really cuts true the mix and feels great to play.


The Plasma-STS is a stacked single coil sized pickup. It delivers a single coil Stratocaster sound without the hum.I have tried pickups like these from other brands that try to do the same thing. But I would say that Tesla Pickups have made the best silence single coil sounding pickup that I’ve heard so far. Other pickups that I have tried have not been able to keep the Stratocaster sound. They have sounded more like a weak humbucker pickup. The sound from The Plasma STS is like Stevie Ray Vaughan on steroids. They deliver a powerful fat tone with lots of warmth. I know from experience that hum and uncontrolled feedback can be a huge problem when playing live. These problems can be avoided with the Plasma-STS. And you will get a more powerful sound with a thicker sound. If you want to replace your Stratocaster pickups for a set of hum free pickups, these should be your choice!