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Marko Nikolic (aka Nik Marcos) is a Rock / Heavy bass player who worked with lots of different Rock / Metal bands, producers, musicians from former Yugoslavia and Serbia as well as some international well known musicians and people from music industry from USA (Glenn Hughes, Fabrizio Grossi, Maor Appelbaum…)

In his professional career as a bass player he performed on hundreds small, medium, big concert, Rock festivals, as well as part of the opening acts as a support band for world known musicians and bands like Whitesnake, Glenn Hughes, Deep Purple, Paul Di’ Anno…

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For some time now I was trying to express through my bass guitar the sound which I have in my head, the sound that I would like to hear coming through the speakers of my bass cabinet. Through the years I was experimenting with different basses and pickups as well as with amplifiers and cabinets…On that journey I found my bass, my amp as well as bass cabs but I was missing that small peace of puzzle but of a huge importance for the tone. I was missing right pickups…

…In one small music shop I was spending some time trying different basses and they had one used bass which had amazing tone and it was equipped with Tesla pickups! To be honest, did not know much about the company so in the same day I went to Tesla website to learn more. After checking them out I contacted company directly and told them that I would like to try and use their pickups and asked if they are open for cooperation…I just had to have them in my bass guitars! Thanks to people from Tesla company I am doing this review for you now.

VR-B2 Pickup…on Yamaha bb 5 string bass

Soon after I received a beautiful designed package with VR-B2 and VR-B3 pickups (Review for VR-B3 is coming soon…), both pickups are from “Vintage Reflection Series” and as I opened it I was surprised with high quality made, plastic looked very tough and the finish is great.


After successful wiring (used very easy to read and helpful wiring diagram available on Tesla website) I turned up a volume and tone and played first notes…it sounded like somebody took the protection cover of my cabinet…WOW…I was blown away…Jazz pickup with such low end, mid-range punch and clarity…that was the sound I was searching…Suited me perfectly right from the start…Vintage tone but modern sounding!

Next I was amazed by the sensitivity and consistency of the volume from string to string, the volume was even no meter where you are on the neck and the 5th string was sounding much clearer.

After some playing around with pick up position and tone control I noticed how quiet the pick up was (less hum) and my chorus effect pedal was now sounding much, much better.

For your information the VR-B2 is made with 42 AWG copper wire with Formvar insulation, 10 Alnico 5 magnets, fiber bobbins and Cloth Covered Wire. For more details and specification please go to

Final words…

As a rock / heavy bass player I highly recommend Tesla “Vintage Reflection” VR-B2 pickup to all of you who are looking for unique sounding, high quality pickups for great price and no meter what style of music you play I am convinced that you will love them from the first tone!

I would also like to thank to all the great people from Tesla company for their quick action and full support!

And to wrap it up with few very important words for you…No Tesla – No Power!


Nik Marcos

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