Plasma-STS Review by Morgan Pettersson

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작성일Nov, 08 2013


The Plasma-STS is a stacked single coil sized pickup. It delivers a single coil Stratocaster sound without the hum. I have tried pickups like these from other brands that try to do the same thing. But I would say that Tesla Pickups have made the best silence single coil sounding pickup that I’ve heard so far. Other pickups that I have tried have not been able to keep the Stratocaster sound. They have sounded more like a weak humbucker pickup. The sound from The Plasma STS is like Stevie Ray Vaughan on steroids. They deliver a powerful fat tone with lots of warmth. I know from experience that hum and uncontrolled feedback can be a huge problem when playing live. These problems can be avoided with the Plasma-STS. And you will get a more powerful sound with a thicker sound. If you want to replace your Stratocaster pickups for a set of hum free pickups, these should be your choice!


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